AllTranz is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing a unique set of dermal delivery products utilizing two proprietary technology platforms consisting of prodrug development and microneedle formulations. AllTranz will be a leader in the development of innovative drug design strategies delivered via unique dermal product solutions to treat neurological and a variety of other disorders. The broad range of offerings includes solutions for pain modulation, appetite stimulation, smoking cessation, substitution treatment for opiate addiction, as well as alcohol abuse, and abuse deterrent formulations for opiates. AllTranz will utilize its unique dermal drug delivery technology to develop its own products for broad market appeal, as well as partner with pharmaceutical companies seeking to leverage the AllTranz technology platform to improve delivery of existing drugs to form new chemical entities thereby extending patent franchises.

News Headline

Patent No. 8,227,627 and 7,511,054 have been issued to AllTranz by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

European Patent No. EP 2064215 has been issued to AllTranz

AllTranz Awarded $1.5 Million in Research Grants by NIH in July 2012